Access Statement

We are easily accessed by car and by public transport; the bus stop is right outside the house.  The large double gates allow cars to drive easily into the pea beach driveway. There is a gentle slope down from the gate to the parking area. There is ample space for up to 5 or 6 cars to park outside, to the left or right of the gateway. There is a paved pathway leading to the front door.

The Old Vicarage at Rye Harbour is a Victorian house and as such easy access for wheelchairs is not possible. There is a small step at the front door into the tiled porch and another small step into the hallway of the house.

All of our three letting rooms are on the first floor, with 17 stairs to reach it. The stair case has one corner in it, a banister on one side and the wall on the other, with hand rail. The steps are even and reasonably wide. Apart from the four steps that turn the 90 degree corner the others are all 84cm wide x 23cm deep by 18cm high. There are four leading up to the corner and 9 after the corner. The 4 steps that turn the corner are all a minimum of 84 cm wide, the depth of the step (from front to back) varies to allow the 90 degree turn to be made and the height is consistent with the other steps at 18cm. Unfortunately The Old Vicarage at Rye Harbour is not an easy house for those with limited mobility as we cannot offer ground floor bedrooms.

Once on the first floor there are no further steps to reach the bedroom nor within any of the bedrooms. The only exception being the step into the shower. The shower in the Harbour Suite has a step into it of 28cm, the Martello room 14cm and the Marsh room is 33cm. In the case of the Marsh and the Harbour Suite – this measurement is the height that you need to lift your leg up to get over the edge of the shower tray edge but once over it lowers by approximately 15cm to the base of the tray itself. (In other words although you need to be able to lift your leg high enough to clear the edge of the door way you do not need to be able to raise your body weight to this height.)

The Dining Room is on the ground floor and there is also a Toilet on the ground floor, this is at the back of the house and is accessed through a door from the main hallway with one step down through a rear porch area.

There are many seating areas around the garden which can be used by guests. The garden is a beach style garden of shingle areas with wooden planks making a train track style path around the garden. The seating areas are wooden or iron benches and chairs. The garden is  fairly level, with a raised deck area. The deck is accessed by two low, wide steps. The deck is open on two sides and is approximately 20cm (8 inches) from the ground level. The garden has one summerhouse with seating, reached by stepping stones and with a small step over the threshold to enter.

Please contact us for any further access information and please let us know if you have any disabilities prior to your stay and we will do everything we can to accommodate your requirements.